Your personal sms gateway that use your android device to send out sms. If you are developer you can integrate it in yours app, cms, crm, code and more

Turn your android device into SMS Gateway

Send and receive SMS programmatically through your Android devices

No need to buy SMS

You can use the sms provided by your sim carrier and available in your android device

Full integration API

You can integrate sms in any of your web application or software using API library

Multiple Devices

If you are planning to send bulk sms then you can distribuite them on multiple devices

Get started within minutes!

Turning your phone into an SMS gateway could not be easier. Within just a few short minutes you could be set up to both send and receive messages programmatically from your Android phone. All you have to get started is take the following 3 actions:

Full Web Console

You can access to your resources from web

You can get access directly from the web to manage your contact, received sms, sent sms, pending sms and so on…

Android App

as your personal gateway

this is the heart of the system that will help you to manage your sms available from your carrier directly from any software

API module

The easy way to inegrate sms

that will help you to integrate it into any other programming languages. If you are a developer this service will help you.

Subscribe Now

Try the system for free for one week and 2 devices without risks then you can upgrade to a yearly plan for few dollars !!!

More Reasons to Love Us

You will love Gateway Sms for the features and for easiest way to manage and integrate sms in your web applications, services and web site


Self Service

All your process is under your control.



Quickly way to send sms from your application or from console


Smart Notification

You got all notifications on your smartphone.


Easy To Use

Web Console and api are easy to use and integrate

easy share


Using multiple device you can split the bulk for all devices


No limit

Unlimited sms with your carrie? You can use them very easy

Little prices

We are asking for little monthly price and you are free to left at any time without explication, just cancel your Paypal Subscription… nothing more.

Demo Plan

7 Days free of charge and risks free

  • Duration Time 7 days
  • Device Limit 2
  • Sms Limit 200


Standard monthly subscriprion at low price

  • Use Excel files to send messages
  • Device Limit 5
  • Sms Limit 10.000


All the power of the system at lowest price

  • Use excel files to send messages
  • Device Limit 10
  • Sms Limit 100.000


Gateway SMS is a service that will do the hard work of sending SMS trought your smartphone device. It will do this automatically using Android application provided with Gateway SMS.

We offer 7 days account trial without pay nothing. In this way you have the time to test the system and develop and test using our api.

We dont sell any sms package but we sell service, as we are offering a convenient way to send SMS from your web application / website or any others software (by API) or even from excel sheet through Android device which is normally not possible.

We dont have hidden costs, you will pay us few dollars yearly and no more.

We dont offfer a refund for 2 reasons: first we give 7 days free of charge to test the system; second: our prices are very cheapest !!!

You can send all sms you want all depend from your carrier and the limitation of your sim/device

The price of each sms you send depend from you carrier, so we suggest to check this price before send

All sms you send out using our service will take the sender it of the sim/carrier wich the single sms is sent. This mean that will appear your numbers.

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